You have been working hard to create and get your Podcast online. Soon you figure out that listens to your podcast is not as much as you expected, if not you can still read along to increase it. Your podcast is not reaching the majority of platforms that have a larger audience.

Now how to solve this problem?

Podcast RSS feed is the solution to your problem. You can distribute your Podcast to multiple podcasting platforms using your Podcast RSS feed. Let’s get into the what, why, when, and how of Podcast RSS feeds.

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS stands for Really simple syndication or Rich site summary. It basically is a link providing links to a list of data attributes and corresponding information. Here is an example of such an RSS feed. …

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Top Gun: Maverick’s trailer has reignited the love for high-speed, intense dogfighting action in the hearts of all Top Gun fans.

Maverick is back, and he’s still got his hair on fire!

Wouldn’t you be interested in engaging your audience towards your podcast like this, take them on a journey they would love? That’s the reason your podcasts must have a trailer of their own.

Trailers enhance your podcast’s growth and hook new listeners by intriguing their curiosity with a sneak peek your trailer offers.

podcasting studio at home
podcasting studio at home

If you’re thinking about laying the first steps into the podcasting world with your podcast, you probably came across this thought — “Should I go to a studio or set up my own?”

As a newbie, studios seem to be the perfect place to record your podcast due to their well-designed studio setup, quality of mics, and post-production prowess. But these do come with a hefty price tag, which you can probably reduce by setting up your own DIY-studio setup, at your home!

Here are some things worth-giving a thought to while setting-up your DIY-studio:

  • Don’t spend your time hunting for the perfect mic to boost your audio quality because the truth is, the ideal mic doesn’t exist.

podcast length
podcast length

You might have asked yourself about how long should your podcast lasts, but did you ever ask yourself how long will you have a conversation with a friend on a phone call?

Podcasts are nothing but a way to convey a story and an idea that you believe in. They can be as long as a 3-hour history discussion by Dan Carlin or may last for a mere 38 seconds.

Although the length of a podcast is variable, yet 38 minutes and 42 seconds is considered to be the average one.

It’s not just about the length of a podcast :

  • This number shouldn’t be taken as the sole benchmark because the deciding factor is always going to be your genre and content. …

Podcast Equipment Checklist
Podcast Equipment Checklist

According to Musicoomph, there are 8,50,000 active podcasts in more than 100 languages, available to 56 billion podcast listeners every day. Starting a podcast has become more accessible and rewarding, but looking at these statistics can make you wonder if listeners would like to tune in to yours.

They surely won’t hesitate to switch if your podcast doesn’t have serviceable audio quality, lacking transitions or jingles, or is just an unmodulated vocal narration.

While you can start a podcast for free, that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t invest in your craft. …

Podcasting Script
Podcasting Script

Repeat after us — Which witch switched the Swiss wristwatches, Which witch switched the Swiss wristwatches, Which witch switched the Swiss wristwatches.

Now, try repeating this without looking at the screen. It indeed becomes harder. Sometimes recording a podcast could be as tricky as a tongue twister. Therefore, it becomes crucial to start off your podcasting journey by getting an overview of the podcasting script.

Artists usually think that carrying a script around and reading from it might not make them sound natural. …

art of storytelling via your podcast
art of storytelling via your podcast

Are you a Walt Disney fan? Do you like the jungle book as much as I do? The best part of Walt Disney movies is that they make their story so convincing that the audience automatically can relate to all the characters.

There are many like Walt Disney that taught us the beauty of storytelling and how to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Audio is a great way to reach out to people and speak about things you truly believe in. Podcasting acts as a source for you to let your audience know what’s behind your microphone.

But How many times did it happen that you have an idea in your mind but it gets so hard to frame a format out of it? Don’t worry, all podcasters have been through this stage at some point in their lives. …

Start Your First Podcast
Start Your First Podcast

There are multiple reasons why you are here, one of which is might be that you found this heading interesting. Or maybe that you were planning to start your podcast and needed a basic frame of how to go about it.

Well, this is the place for you. Let’s discuss all the major steps that it takes to begin the journey in podcasting.

Find your niche

Every product, service, or content has a niche to fill, podcasts are no different. The easiest way to go is to make a podcast on something that you believe in and want the world to know about. …

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Imagine there is no hassle to let your podcast go mainstream. All those RSS feeds, worrying about cross-platform distribution, recording, editing, producing, making a landing page, transcribing, and monetizing. Imagine all those problems are magically wiped away.

That’s exactly what we’re doing here.

Introducing Aureal: Your All-In-One decentralized podcasting app built on blockchain that pays you for podcasting.

And O Boy! , we’ve got it all covered, and all you need to think about from now on is how can you make your content even better. You focus on that and leave the rest to us. :)

Aureal makes sure that you get the value of your voice. Putting all those efforts to Create, Research, Edit, Produce, and making your content accessible to your audience takes a lot of effort. The best thing about your content is that it is specifically made to evolve the collective consciousness of your audience, educate them, make them aware, share your perspective, or even make them feel good. …

Aureal Inc.

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