Post-Post PC
M.G. Siegler

Not from the Apple side, but brave enough to share my Surface Pro and Android habit. To make a (almost) full switch to phone only habit, I followed this little track.

Emailing by phone using Inbox, possibly walking in the public garden. Writing documents (proposals, contracts, critical problems solutions, manifestos, projects brieves.. ) using JotterPad, still walking when I must be creative or innovative. Read just on phone. Slack just on phone (except when I am in Product Hunt mode). Social just on the phone and chat-conferencing almost just on phone. This is 75% of my time not sleeping.

I use Surface Pro just for the rest 25% to edit final documents in Drive, build some ideas with Surface pen for business strategies and systems, edit brieves in Dropbox Paper, sadly Excel (10% of my whole work) — and I say sadly since I feel like it is not a choice of mine but I am just forced by not even having an hint of a solution of an alternative (help is really welcome). And Product Hunt: I don’t know why I feel much better using it on my Surface. But is the best pleasing time I spend on PC and keep spending.

My tablet is in a shell not used from at least one year. I walk a lot now.

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