They May Forget Bride’s Gown, But Tasty Food Will be Remembered for Eternity.

Weddings are remembered and stayed in memories for many reasons. These are remembered for groom’s love for bridge and for bridge’s love for groom. But one more thing for which weddings is remembered that is delicious food. None can deny this fact that tasty food brings extra joy in wedding party. Children love it. Guests love it. Some adults can say they are not there in the wedding for food, they may be true but they will definitely like tasty food.

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Good food and bad food-

Wedding catering should be according the size of the guests. For the big budget where there are large numbers of guests, there can be long menu of diverse food. There could be smaller function with moderate number of guest. In this kind of function food menu could be concise. There might be heavy snacks in the evening. All this should be according to the budget and number of the guests. It totally wrong to say one food is better than other. Certain food may be delicious for a person and same food could be inedible for another person. If food is well cooked and presented in the appealing manner, it is good.

Presentation and decoration of catering-

Wedding celebration is a long affair. It takes time when all friends and family members get altogether. Indeed your guests enjoy all celebration but after hour’s celebration guests will love warm food. So food should be good, warm and delicious to keep guest happy. The most vital aspect of catering is that food should be presented in appealing manner. It is not always the amount of food or the long list of the menu which impressed the guests. It is the manner in which food is presented to the guest also does matter. There can be different segments for children, teenagers in the wedding ceremony as they like crispy food and ice creams. There can be separate segment for the elderly. Elderly like healthy food which contains fish, rice and pasta etc. If this is not feasible then there could be segments of the different food like Thai, Indian, Mexican and Chinese etc.

Guests love food-

In the wedding ceremony bride and groom think about the happy life they are going to live together after the wedding. Guest and friends also wish for the happy life of bride and groom. But to be honest guests and friends seem interested in food also. So good food will make your wedding remarkable and this will make a long lasting mark on the hearts and minds of the guests.