Real Estate Startup And Running

Aurelio Barksdale
Sep 16, 2018 · 4 min read
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The greater the population lesser would be the land resources available to accommodate them. Since the population is rising rapidly, the future of this real estate business is very bright.

Real estate business is the new hot topic. This industry is getting crowded as more startups emerge every day. It is not only crowded but the competition is also very tough. In an already booming industry, realtor have to set his business apart from the others. There has to be something about one’s business that attract the clients to you instead of the competitors. To do that a website and business card is not enough for realtor. There are many important factors that matter a lot in running a real estate startup. Some of them are mentioned below:

Difference from competitors

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The most important factor is to stand out from the competitors. That means to establish difference between competitor and the realtor. In order to attract investors and clients, the realtors must come up with something that’s highly effective and unique.

Ask this question that what should be done that would set apart your business from competitors. This needs a lot of search. Use the internet look at the websites and reviews of the competitors. The realtor can ask his current clients that what made them choose the realtor than others.

This is a very deciding factors. If the realtors succeed in differentiating his business from others, it’s the real success. But if it’s just another startup doing nothing new, it will be incredibly difficult to stand apart.

Be interactive

Real estate has always been business that revolves around relationships and interactions. In this regard, the power of social media should not be denied. Nowadays the course of many businesses have changed due to marketing by social media. Making a Facebook or Instagram page dedicated to business can help in attracting people.

Every business has something that is worth sharing with the world. The realtor must share important achievements and events with the people. This could be done using personal blog or a quick video. The power of press release should also not be underestimated. Another most eye-catching method is to boast credibility with testimonials. Realtor must document his success via testimonials. Then share it on social media. By doing these acts realtor would let the world know, what is going on in his business.


Many people think that real estate is a get-rich-quick business. It is not false to some extent. But to reap such profit, the realtor must be patient and consistent. It takes time and concrete planning to gain such profits.

Realtor could be consistent if he is trustworthy. In Real estate business customers demand trust from the realtors. Customers don’t want to work with a shady business that is here today and gone tomorrow. In the process of establishing a brand, consistency will build authority. On the contrary, overwhelming an audience with mistruths leads a startup to disaster.

Over deliver

In real-estate business making a sale is not everything. The real tough job is before and after that. This is the fastest way to rise above others. Always go all-out to give more than what is expected. By satisfying the client in any possible way, would lead to referrals and more popularity.


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Last but not the least the realtor must make solid realistic plan about funding various stages of business growth. There are many options like angel investors etc. but not everyone is lucky to have them. Realtors can also take loan for funding. But before choosing any of the funding options, realtor must make a thorough search about the pros and cons of each one of them.

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