Our redesign of Medium’s Claps…and why they may not have chosen to do it this way.
Jason Li

The clap is really a really creative idea.Now i see few problems.First the group dynamic is missing.I am sure we all notice we tend to clap longer when in group: standing ovation of only one person tend to not last.So i Just don’t see people holding the clap button for 25 seconds.Second missing the auditory cue.standing ovation seemed to be again driven by the noise ,just keeping finger and see the number of clap increasing is not the same .I understand from an engineering point this might not be able to replicate.Third problem the number of clap might be a pretty random way to know if an article is popular.I notice I tend to not give more than 10 claps some other people may be more generous but if they read different article than me and and these articles get more claps is that mean they’re more popular?The good thing with like or dislike it’s clear and binary.Even nuances as love button or angry button ( we all know what platform it referred too) are just subset of like or dislike.

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