What do you really live for?

A blitz of reality strikes you.

You lost your passion. It’s already crystal clear that $9 an hour on your local McDonalds is not going to fill that gaping void you have in your heart.

You come home to watch a 3-hour session of watching Gary Vaynerchuk, and it’s been the third time this week. You’re still not ‘getting that idea of a new business’ that will make Facebook go bankrupt. You take sip your fourth cup of Americano, not noticing that you should get ready for work in a few hours. Instead of clicking on to the next video, you take a step back.

“Can I really do this for another year ? Heck, another month, even ?”

Then you remember that you made a ‘100 things to do in life’ list with your friends when those were popular. Yeah, you used to be sociable, potraying an individual others love to be close with. What happened?

Apparently, life happens. It’s the one telling us to stop chasing our dreams. You’re just unlucky to believe in it.

Next thing you know, your alarm rings the same sound that it has been for a past few years. It kills you inside so much that you called sick to work that day. And the next day. This ‘sickness’ lasts for a week while your manager throws shit at you for being sick. You finally realise that none of your coworkers calls you. Not even one. You have nothing besides four hundred bucks saved up in your bank account.

“Well, nothing to lose when I literally got nothing.” you thought to yourself. You buy a one-way ticket to Indonesia, the cheapest trip available, and went through without saying goodbye to anybody. You don’t want to be stuck in the rat race like everybody else. Working hard until 65 just to be told that you’re too late to live your life? No, thanks.

After arriving, you discover that your $400 could last you a month there. The next couple months completely changed your view about life. There’s so much you haven’t seen yet! With no more caffeine-induced work cycles, you’re living your own dream. You decided to start blogging about the exotic places in Indonesia, and your blog drives more traffic than you ever expected. People start coming and praising you. Now you don’t work for money anymore, you’re on a much more bigger journey : The journey to find yourself; to find the passion that once burns within you.

So many people are stuck, not because they don’t know where to go (they know), but because they’re scared of uncertainty. Take the damn chance and just do it. I’ve lost so many because I was scared to open myself to try new things. You’ve had one thing (or even more) in your mind that you’ve been postponing to do. Life is not a question of “what do you do?” but more alongside the line of “what excites you?”.

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