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me whilst disrupting tech.

Just left SF after pitching at Tech Crunch Disrupt and, aside from placing in the top 5, the most exciting thing for me was learning from my peers at TC Disrupt. Deon from Forethought AI, Neesha from Tech Crunch, and a ton of other people who helped us refine our pitch and grow as presenters. We. Learned. So. Much. However, I feel that the most important lessons I learned while in the Valley were:

  1. The product is important, but the market is more important, and timing is even more important than that. I feel that as a member of the…

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Dear Auriel,

Here is a growing list of things you have learned this summer while working on your startup full time:

I must constantly ask questions.

I must understand that when doing market research, I must constantly ask questions from what I consider to be the ideal user. And then ask questions to the non-ideal user, just for a sanity check. You have to check for false positives to keep the work kosher.

Never make assumptions.

Never make assumptions about how my ideal user should interact with my solution; I should actually consider bringing my tools in front of a variety of people and see what natural flow…

On Thursday May, 19th, I attended the Mass Innovation Night #122 to pitch my startup, StrattyX. Mass Innovation Nights is a series of events intended to highlight local entrepreneurs and their work in Massachusetts. It provides a networking space, connecting the entrepreneurs to local residents.

During this event, I met a lot of amazing people and learned many interesting things that I’d like to share with you.

Pitching means meeting interesting people.

A benefit of going to in-person events is that I meet a ton of different people. I got to meet the founder of another meetup event that had over 450 women that were…

I went to my first National Society of Black Engineers conference this year. For those not aware of what NSBE is, it is an organization founded in the 1970s with a mission to “increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community”.

Many college campuses have a chapter and many high schools have chapters. More info on joining the Org here:

From what I understood about my time at the NSBE conference this year, there are three ways you can approach the conference to make the most out of your…

Auriel Wright

Elle 瑞尔 | Cofounder of | Computer Science Student @Harvard |

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