5 Interesting and Playful Wedding Rituals in India

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Indian marriages are a lavish celebration with all the ‘thaam jhaam’, fun, delicious food and of course, rituals rich with traditions, bringing two individuals and their families together. There are some distinct and fun-filled rituals associated with the occasion that make the real memories and are cherished for a lifetime. These rituals serve an essential social purpose of building a bond between the two families and breaking the ice between the couple.

Let’s talk you through five truly playful and amusing wedding rituals in India.

1. Balancing Pot Custom in Bihar

The new bride is greeted into the groom’s house with a couple of earthen pots mounted on her head by her mother-in- law. As she bows down to seek blessings from the elders she has to balance the earthen pots on her head simultaneously. The number of earthen pots she balances is an indication of her skills at striking a balance with the family and responsibilities.

2. Tomatoes and Potatoes to welcome the Baraat in Kanpur

We all know how the groom and his baarat are welcomed with aarti, flowers and sweets but in a village called Sarsaul, near Kanpur, tomatoes and potatoes are hurled at the baraat along with the cuss words. It is believed that things which start with hate end with love.

3. Stripping the Groom Custom in Sindhi Weddings

The relatives of the groom tear his clothes in the end of a ritual that Sindhi’s perform called saanth, before the wedding. It is practiced to make sure the groom leaves behind his past before beginning his new life.

4. The Groom is Lured back into Marriage in Tamil Weddings

The groom has to act as if he is not interested in marriage and would go to Himalayas just before the marriage rituals begin. The bride’s father offers him the Gita, an umbrella, sandal and a hand fan to lure him back.

5. The groom has to save himself against an attacking bride in Rajasthan

Heard about the the traditional toran bandana ritual in rajput weddings which allows the bride to attack the groom with a sword. Yes, the groom is considered fit for marriage only if he’s able to save himself from getting injured. It is just a mock play in today’s times where the Rajput bride symbolically pokes a sword at the groom’s chest and the bride and her female relatives attack the groom’s entourage with garlands of sweets.

India is home to myriad other amusing customs each having a great legacy making marriages an unforgettable event. To capture these amazing moments forever best photography service in Bhubaneswar is available @ Auromira Weddings. For more information visit our website www.auromiraweddings.com.