5 Mistakes Couples Make and Regret Later

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When it comes to your wedding day there is only one thing you won’t see for a few days after it is all over, and that’s your wedding photographs. Your photographer will capture your special day for you, but you won’t be able to see the output until a few weeks after, which is why choosing your wedding photographer is so important. You know why, don’t you amazing couples? Once the day is over your wedding photos are only thing that will have the captured moments, memories and feelings of your beautiful wedding! Auromira Weddings warns you against the a few mistakes you’re likely to make.

1. Not Hiring a Professional Photographer

Your wedding is grand and everything will feel expensive so when you think that a wedding photographer won’t ‘add’ anything to the day itself can be easy to decide they are not needed and so money can be saved. The first regret, which is quite common if you have a friend or a relative who takes photography as a hobby, is not actually hiring a professional wedding photographer. Skills are important so ensure you hire a professional wedding photographer, someone who knows the work and has years of experience doing it, it will be one the best investments you will make. Don’t regret it!

2. Not Having the Whole Day Captured

You have hired a professional photographer? Great! For only the ceremony? A mistake! Another regret can be hiring them for the ceremony only, again this comes down to cost cutting. Getting ready photos, you and your bridesmaids getting ready together, having a glass of wine with a whole range of emotions and feelings, from excitement, nervousness, to calm and chaos, the whole day is plain fun! Great photos can be captured of guests chatting, dancing and enjoying your day. Why wouldn’t you want to capture it? Don’t regret it!

3 — Not Meeting Your Photographer Before

The first thing you do when hiring a professional photographer? Go meet them! You love their work on their website is fine but you need to know how comfortable you will be around them. Trust us, this is important. You need to feel like you are with a friend while being photographed. Only then your wedding photos will become more fun, natural and enjoyable. If you don’t feel natural and relaxed around your photographer then it will show in the pictures. Don’t regret it!

4 — Not Having an Engagement Shoot

Not planning for an engagement shoot? Again a mistake. Because it will help you feel more relaxed in front of the camera before your important day. Take our advice and plan for an engagement shoot so that on your wedding day, you will be feeling more relaxed around your photographer and not striking silly poses. Don’t regret it!

5. Not Going Unplugged

No holding up phones, cameras, iPads, no looking down updating Facebook statuses. Go for an unplugged wedding and prevent your guests from turning into photographers and ensure they sit and enjoy the moment with you. Consider having an unplugged ceremony and when you look back you will see your guest’s faces and their emotions not their cameras flashing at you.

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