I’m beginning to wonder if Google Express has ever helped people with their orders on Twitter. If you didn’t know already, Twitter is now being used as a customer service platform by many companies today. This is the second time I’ve contacted them about my order. My order was supposed to be here two days ago but it hasn’t come yet. $10 a month is a good deal when it comes to getting unlimited deliveries to selected stores, although you need to make sure to meet a minimum of $15 for every store you plan to order. I really think that’s a good deal for people who barely have time to leave their homes, or for guys like me who get tired easily or have a physical disability.

Here is how the conversation went on twitter:

@AfableAurora So sorry for the trouble. Could you send us a DM with the email address associated with your order?
— Google Express (@googleexpress) March 24, 2016
@AfableAurora Happy to help Aurora. To secure your privacy, please send us a DM so we can discuss your order details with you further.
— Google Express (@googleexpress) March 24, 2016

First, you haven’t helped me yet. Second, you just asked for my email and I just sent it to you. What else do you want me to do google express?

Google rep, I’ve seen your tweets. If you’re going to use canned tweets, maybe you shouldn’t let the public see it?

Guess what, these tweets cannot be found in their tweet stream. Why? Because these are settings that can be edited.

I know you’re trying to buy time Google Express! It’s ok. I’ll give you another chance since I love your products. Remember, you only have a few left from me!

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