What are the majors of people who become millionaires?

What is the likelihood that your academic degree will make you a millionaire? Do you want to be a millionaire? Is your field the right one if you are interested in becoming a millionaire?

According to a study from Wealthinsight, the top millionaires had college majors in common. The study made an analysis of the top world’s millionaires. They studied their academic histories and found commonalities within their studies subjects.

In case you are wondering whether a college degree is important to becoming a millionaire or you should drop out here’s an interesting fact. Only around one percent of the millionaires in the world dropped out or did not attend college.

Another interesting fact is that most millionaires apart from their degree had entrepreneurial and business skills, and most of the richest people would say that they are entrepreneurs, and would not mention their college degree.

Here is the list of the top ten degrees that millionaires hold.



Engineers are at the top of the list. Engineering is the most common major of the world’s millionaires.

MBA (Any Field)


12.8% of the millionaires hold an MBA degree



Many of the millionaires had a major and a strong background in economics. This degree probably helps them make better investment and business decisions.



Lawyers who are also millionaires have smart practices in the financial sector.

Business Administration


The background is business is crucial for many of the world’s millionaires and makes them successful entrepreneurs.


The understanding of the economy and systemic processes involved helps entrepreneurs to make significant business decisions.



Accounting aids those who are successful to create great investments in the financial sector and smart business decisions.

Computer Sciences


Computer Sciences is not at the top of the list, but with the rise and evolution of technology, it is very likely that it will top the rank list in the near future.



It is pretty obvious that having a background in finance can help you become successful in the field and make smart investments in the financial sector.



Most of the world’s millionaires had usually become millionaires with smart investments in the financial sector.

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