Aurora Spot Light: Artic Trade


Admist the current bearish market sentiment, Aurora ecosystem has continued to enjoy phenomenal growth and expansion, attracting new builders and innovators.

While the OG projects haven't slowed down on building and upgrading their product, new promising projects have also started showing up to build within the ecosystem.

In this Spotlight series we'll be focusing on one of those New project that has showed up with fascinating utilities and a promise of greatness: ARCTIC TRADE.

ARCTIC was caught by our radar after it secured Strategic partnerships with two of Aurora ecosystem top projects ; Trisolaris Labs and Auragami. The partnerships was announced through the respective official twitter handles of Trisolaris labs, Auragami and Arctic Trade. According to the announcements, these projects will be launch partners and core members of Arctic Governance DAO.

Following these strategic partnerships, Arctic was able to secure some early exposure. And we did a deeper dive into the project to get a glimpse of what it's about.

According to the project's first medium post, Arctic is aiming to be the Ecosystem Dex of Aurora. You might be wondering, Another Dex? But there's more. Arctic's engineering, models and leverages on the technology behind Solidly(one of the major and popular protocols on the fantom ecosystem). However, unlike Solidly, Arctic claims it has refined and tweaked some of the fundamental features of Solidly to it own specification in other to guarantee its own optimal sustainability, growth and usability. It claims to have achieved this by identifying and learning from the design flaws of Solidly, and ensuring that the solutions are incorporated into Arctic's Design. Some of the features Arctic claims it will be offering includes:
a. An ecosystem unifying DAO governance model for the project. which will allow existing protocols on Aurora that are DAO partners, vote on Arctic's Future developments.
b. A Discretized Liquidity AMM that has a higher capital efficiency, allowing the Dex offer Sustainable Higher APR to liquidity providers.
c. The DL-AMM mechanism coupled with Aurora's optimal scalability can allow Artic support functional Limit Orders.

Aurora Community welcomes Arctic Trades into the Aurora Ecosystem. We are deeply interested and optimistic for the future of Arctic considering the value it promises to bring into the ecosystem.

Currently, Other information like when when Arctic will launch is TDA. The project socials is also limited to Twitter and medium at the moment. we hope to see a discord/telegram channel soon for a more interactive engagement with the community.

You can read more about the project from their medium post Here:

You can also follow their official twitter handle through this link:

The continued Growth and building happening on Aurora Ecosystem is delightful to witness, the user and developer friendly ecosystem has continue to attract innovative building at an impressive pace, irrespective of the current crypto market conditions.
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