At work today I noticed there are two kinds of people. Those who leave their sandals at the steps leading to the beach, or those that kick them off upon entry and carry them to their chair. People who walk on the beach with their shoes on have been disqualified from this count because they are clearly absolute weirdos.

I take my shoes off at the point of entry and walk to my destination because I care about my footwear and don’t want to leave any possibility of someone stealing my coveted, worn, Rainbow leather flip flops. My conclusion is that people who carelessly leave them at the door are in no fear of losing their sandals, or simply don’t care if they did.

I sit in a beach chair all day, I have lots of time to think about these sort of things.

Tonight I walked outside in my pj’s for two hours taking pictures of the stars. I use a Canon 80D, and was very pleased with the photos. I went back inside for my glasses and laid on the ground for each 30 second interval that the camera snapped the picture. There were satellites and stars, planes and what I probably imagined to be shooting star.

Space is big.