I download music to my iPhone through Apple Music, and stream playlists from Spotify. I still buy CDs, and I own a Teac Reel to Reel. I’m not so sure I’d go as far as to call me an audiophile, but I think I’m quite passionate about music.

Today’s typical handful of our generation seeks music through a wifi connection or blasting through their data plan in the car. I do that too, and I have seen the wrath of my father as we bulldozed through our plan each month.

I don’t like wasting money or more importantly, making my dad upset… but it’s difficult to get sucked into the current trends of today which is downloading and streaming music.

3 years ago, I was still spending a $1.29 for each song on iTunes and then syncing it to my 160gb iPod Classic. What a dream that thing was. I love the device, as it really made me ponder what music I wanted to get. Unlike an Apple Music subscription where one can download and delete songs for a single price each month. I loved my iPod but I couldn’t keep it updated as quickly as I could my iPhone.

Some days, like today; I like to take a step back from the commotion and in your face advertisement you hear in Spotify’s Top 40 Worldwide playlist, and put a CD on in my car.

I’m always surprised by how much better they sound. There is a certain specialness that comes with listening to a CD in full. It emulates a story, and forces you to listen to not just the number 1s, but also the quieter tracks that get lost in the original release.

I highly recommend buying a CD, or listening to one of your old ones. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just try it. No skipping songs, no jumping to the end. Listen to the entire album. Appreciate that it was organized that way for a reason, and get lost in the story that the band/artist was trying to make.

My personal favorites are Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

It feels good to go back in time with music, even if it is just for a few tracks.