Zing! Boom!

I was making my “Labor of Love” playlist when I found a song that would make the perfect backdrop for a comic. I planned the story in my second trimester, finished thumbnails in my third trimester and penciled the pages in the last days as I was waiting for our son to pop out.

The plan was to finish the comic before giving birth. 
Instead, I inked with a newborn on my lap during and was able to tweak the story to better reflect how birth and the rollercoaster first few weeks with a newborn really are: utterly glorious.

It’s. Oh. So quiet.
(Shhhh! Shhhhh!)
It’s. Oh. So still.
(Shhhh! Shhhhh!)
You’re all alone.
And so peaceful until…
You fall in love!
The sky up above.
Is caving in.
(Wow! Bam!)
You’ve never been so nuts about a guy
You wanna laugh you wanna cry
You cross your heart and hope to die
’Til it’s over and then
It’s nice and quiet
But soon again… Starts another big riot
You blow a fuse!
The devil cuts loose!
So what’s the use…
Of falling in love ?
It’s. Oh. So quiet…
It’s. Oh. So still…
You’re all alone and so peaceful until…
’Til it’s over and then…
It’s nice and quiet…
But soon again…
Starts another big riot!
You blow a fuse!
The devil cuts loose!
So what’s the use!?!
The sky caves in
The devil cuts loose
You blow blow blow blow blow your fuse
When you’ve fallen in LOVE!
“A gentle birth is all about intimate, intentional, love-filled movements between a mother and her child. Each contraction is welcomed, not with terror and trembling, but with the hopeful expectation that all the discomfort is part of the journey that brings mother and child closer to the moment of meeting face to face. There’s no room for anxiety or fear, just hope, courage, love, and for me, worship.”
— Aurora Morealis, mom of one

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