Time for European governments to reinvent their playbook. Power will shift to the nations that can best attract, utilize and tax the profits of Artificial Intelligence. AI. Elon Musk tweets that the AI arms race might cause a WW3, China is set on world domination but European government’s only response is to pledge more money.

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Developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t easy, nor does it follow a straight line and don’t expect the opportunities to be evenly distributed. It will unfortunately take at least a decade before we know if success is a result of first mover’s…

Making the Early Stage an Easier Stage - Together

It’s a time consuming circus. The startup circus is filled to the brim with buzzwords and guru’s and success stories and demo days and pivots and investment rounds. Let’s be clear — a lot of it is hot air, populated with wanna bees stealing time from the actual business-building we should be doing.

There are different ways to build a global winner and don’t be fooled by the formulaic preaching’s we are bombarded with. If it were as easy as 1–2–3 we’d all be super successful already. …

Aurore Belfrage

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