20 Things I Don’t Miss Since Quitting the Booze

I recently found out that it is common to miss an addictive substance or practice that you have previously quit, when tackling another one.

This would explain why smoking has started to appeal to me again, after 5 happy smoke-free years. Don’t worry though, I’m not about to pick up a cigarette again.

And, could this be the reason why I’m thinking about my ex so much these days?

Anyway, as I draw closer to my 100th day of sobriety, I thought I’d compile a list of the things I do NOT miss. Here they are, in no particular order:

· Waking up at 3am most nights, drenched in boozy sweat and with my mind racing.

· Headaches

· Vomiting and Nausea (on the bad days)

· Sore throat in the morning

· Looking red and puffy

· Dreading the working day, when I wasn’t firing on all cylinders

· Being paranoid about how visible or smellable it was that I had a skinful the night before

· Forgetting people, conversations and whole chunks of my evenings

· Losing whole weekend days to hangovers

· Losing my evenings to Sauvignon Blanc and not doing the things I set out to do

· Eating greasy pizzas or kebabs at 5am (Still happy to eat them during daylight hours, thank you very much!)

· Being foggy-brained and overwhelmed by the tiniest things

· The emotional rollercoaster: euphoria/anger/anxiety/sadness/exhaustion (and repeat)

· Stupid arguments or teary conversations with friends and/or partner

· Snogging random men on a night out, and then forgetting them

· (Leading to) catching men looking at me on the street wondering if I ever snogged them

· Zig-zagging my may home

· Out-of-whack digestive system, bloating and stomach pains

· General low mood and tiredness

· The feeling of no longer being in control

I am probably forgetting a bunch of them, so feel free to add to the list. What do YOU not miss?



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Single woman, “just” turned 40, based in London. Currently navigating sobriety, a change of career, and the dating pool. www.so-whatnow.blog / @so_whatnow2022