AdGreetz Partners With Edmunds For Personalized Video

AdGreetz’ Video Personalization Platform Is Transforming the Way Businesses Communicate with Clients

AdGreetz and Edmunds have partnered to create the world’s first personalized video business-to-business marketing interface to help sales teams communicate more effectively with clients. Using AdGreetz’ business-to-business personalized video platform, Edmunds’ account executives communicates directly and individually with tens of thousands of auto dealerships via personalized video.

With the AdGreetz B2B interface, Edmunds account executives can communicate with past, current and prospective clients about their new “Performance Guarantee” program in just a matter of clicks from their mobile device or laptop computer. The video serves as a “next-generation” version of a follow-up letter and can be deployed via email or text messaging. Every personalized video includes the recipient’s name, dealership name and location. Recipients can easily respond via email, text or phone call with a single press of a button.

“As the leading online resource for all things automotive, partnering with Edmunds is a natural fit for us,” says Eric Frankel, CEO of AdGreetz. “Our best-in-class digital products combined with Edmunds’ vast knowledge of automobile sales and targeted online advertising, is revolutionizing the ways car dealerships target, attract, communicate and maintain relationships with existing and potential customers.”

For the “Performance Guarantee” promotion, Edmunds Ad Solutions which promises a certain number of car leads within an introductory period to promote the effectiveness of their marketing strategiesand advertising solutions. Once dealerships enrolled in the trial subscription service, they received personalized metrics videos to update them on the status of their guaranteed number of leads.