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The field of knowledge, skills, tools as well as strategies required to meet the clear and exact requirements of a project are termed as the project management. There are five processes following which one can achieve the project management goal. These processes are initiation, planning, execution, controlling and closure. In other words, project management can be termed as the method of scheduling and controlling the projects from start to an end. It can be applied to any kind of projects. It is a temporary effort to create a unique product or service. It is generally comprise of developing the budget, constraint, developing the scope management, also regarding the

What are the activities for which the project management assignment is given to the students?

Below mentioned is a list of several activities, which are managed by the project management:

· Managing expectations of stakeholders

· Competing demands of scope, risk, time and cost.

· Identifying requirements

· Project procurement management

· Project communication management

· Project quality management

· Project human resource management

· Project integration management and many more.

List of topics covered:

The Assignment on project management covers the following topics:

ª Human resource consideration, risk management, quality management, project time, organizational structures, staffing the project office, etc.

ª Project strategic management, contract management, advanced professional communication, project leadership, management, project risk, project management software application.

ª Management functions, variables for success, network scheduling techniques, pricing, cost control, estimating, etc.

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