Why we built Asaii

People often ask us why we went into music. Our team had all come from prestigious tech backgrounds (Apple, Uber, Salesforce), but we saw a distinct problem in an industry we loved.

To us music was something almost intangible, everyone loved it and it could bring people together or act as a source of inspiration. Sony and I personally, use vinyls as a way to capture the most special moments we’ve experienced.

With iTunes and now Spotify segmenting the industry, music is now only in recovery — figuring out how to maximize revenue through live and streaming.

Music today still lacks the proper toolsets to be effective in the digital age

The struggle to recover leads to lack of infrastructure and toolsets. To add oil to fire, music is hugely an multidisciplinary inter-team effort. We want to be a part of moving music forward. Software will never replace the industry, but it can help move it forward. We’re building the actionable music platform for A&Rs, Digital Marketers, & Bookers/Promoters.

Asaii may not be from music, but we are ambitious and passionate. We’re starting with A&R as we build connective tools in music. Join us in the journey and talk to us!

You can follow us on twitter at @asaii_inc or visit our site and request access at asaiitech.com.