B Digest: Finally live my first iPhone App

Read News and improve your English Vocab

Why B Digest

As Italian native speaker, super interested in Politics, Tech and Bicycle news, I was super often struggling with some words i didn’t know the translation in my language but also how to use them. Yeah, because what i wanted to do was not only to read the translation (it’s not difficult to get it) but also to know some examples on how to use it and a way to stick it into my memory. And that’s how B Digest works: When I read something like “James Harden drives everybody nuts” i cannot really understand anything only on receiving the translation of nuts. But with B Digest i don’t only know that nuts means Noci, but also that “to drive somebody nuts” means “far uscire pazzo qualcuno”. And that will help me a lot with my comprehension of English and with my communication with English speakers. That could be a great achievement for all the non english natives.

What’s B Digest

B Digest is the rad application that ships to you every morning new english articles from the most famous newspapers. Click on any word of the articles and get explanations, translations and examples. And you can train your vocab with the flash card trainer.

What B Digest gives to you

*Daily English new
*Spanish translations of any word
*A stimulating Vocab-Trainer
*Your personal dictionary

With B Digest you can

*Choose the news categories you love
*Receive fresh articles every day about the categories chosen
*Tap on any word into the articles
*Get information on the word you tapped: Spanish translation, examples
*Possibility to save the words in your personal dictionary
*Train your Memory with our vocab-trainer


No then. If you have an iPhone just download the app in the iTunes store and just sit down, or take your daily commuting train and switch on the app, to get the best news of the day, tailored on your interest, and receive more from any word just clicking on it and reviewing with the flash card trainer.