AusPol Koan 61

Cory, a preacher from the middle of the country had arrived in the village many years ago. The villagers didn’t pay him much attention because he was largely irrelevant. However, Cory had achieved great power and influence within his cabal. Cory’s cabal didn’t like Malcolm and thought his teachings were socially progressive and not as socially regressive as the cabal would have hoped for. The disastrous election result for Malcolm provided Cory with an opportunity to strike.

One day while Malcolm was reading The Spectator aloud to his followers in his temple, the sound of a bus honking outside interrupted his sonorous flow. Malcolm excused himself and walked out of the temple to see Cory sitting in a bus, demanding Malcolm throw someone underneath in a display of fealty to Cory’s cabal. The villagers were aghast. Malcolm’s followers were jittery.

Malcolm surveyed the villagers and his followers and hoped for a signal of divine grace to save him. Cory kept honking the horn shouting ‘conservative lives matter!’

At this moment an apparition of Little Johnny appeared. Little Johnny was a minor saint in the village pantheon. Little Johnny said these words:

‘We are a broad church. You have no cause for anything but happiness and joy.’

At these words a dove landed on Little Johnny’s shoulder and the villagers sang songs of praise and joy. Malcolm went back to reading The Spectator in the temple. Cory drove his bus back to the depot.

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