AusPol Koan 64

Scott, the village treasurer, was walking through the village gardens one winter’s day. Scott stopped to contemplate beautiful frangipani. He was lost in thought, meditating on the transitory nature of love and life, when Richard and Adam and some of the other village gardeners surrounded him.

‘You don’t believe in love’ whispered Richard.

‘You don’t value life’ said Adam in a hushed tone.

‘You cut tax for the rich and welfare for the poor’ Lee declared.

‘You lock up people from other villages wanting to come here in gulags on the islands in the lake’ hissed Larissa.

Scott was alert, but not alarmed and while he was frustrated that his meditation had been interrupted, he welcomed this opportunity to demonstrate the ambit of his love for all things under the sun, including those who disagreed with him.

Scott bent over and picked a bunch of the flowers and calmly put a single frangipani flower behind each of the gardener’s ears. While he did this he spoke these words:

‘Imagine a village without flowers. Those people in that village would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such beauty about us. A flower does not compete with the flower next it for light or the attention of bees, it just blooms. Let us be like flowers and bloom!’

The gardeners were stunned by the full force of Scott’s love.

Scott skipped merrily from the garden.

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