Mini plan for a maxi day

What does one day matter in the course of your life time?

It depends on the time you’ve got on this planet, of course, but in general we do not value it too much. We’ve got plenty of bright sunny days ahead, so if we cross this one out by just lying around like veggies, no big deal, right? And the next one. Well maybe just one more… Holly crap, the whole month passed by while you were slowly suffocating one day after another under your warm blanket, lazy routine, or whatever your hiding place is. And then it’s just so hard to catch the wagon which is now going full speed down the hill. A few more months in you knock on the shrink’s door — you are too depressed to do anything. Ok, it does not need to be so drastic, but it’s still true that just like any other addictions, passivity only gets worse with time.

I’ve come to see that skipping one thing leads to skipping the other and then the whole day turns out to be a complete opposite of what you planned. Let me give you a little illustration from my life. When we came to live in Germany over a month ago my whole routine was scattered. The kid does not go to a kindergarten (until August), I no longer have fixed hours for my creative work, no meetings with clients, no rituals with my friends. Moving here was like jumping from a neatly organized agenda to a complete chaos. Take this mess add some fear and a few difficulties and you’ll get a super fertile soil for passivity to thrive.


If I wanted to go running in the morning, for example, I had to get up way earlier than my family to be back before my husband has to leave for work. Too much bother — I thought — maybe I’ll just run in the evenings instead. It seems like a tiny detail, right? Who cares about running? But in just one week of skipping it, things accumulated into a huge pile of lethargy. Why? Well, because exercising is like this first trigger which then initiates a domino effect creating an inspired and productive day. Bam bam bam one block after another, one energetic activity after another and the momentum builds up.

BUT! I skipped the first trigger. Instead of rising and shining like a fresh lemon, I would now wake up when the little one did, straight into the mom’s routine. In other words, life would get me unprepared. Know the feeling when you can hardly open your eyes and all you can think about is a big mug of coffee and the kid starts his incessant demands? In your case it can be being pulled by work problems before you even fully wake up and set your mind for what you want to get out of that day. Right from the beginning I felt like a victim, so it’s only natural that as the day proceeded I would just let it go on an autopilot. I am a full-time mom. What can I do? This was my miserable excuse for not creating, for not working, for not living in a inspired state that I wanted to. I knew I had to start all over again or else I’d go crushing down the hill.

Emergency exit for the lazy ones

Big agendas and long to-do-lists scare me, especially, when I am in the low energy mode. So, I came up with a mini lazy strategy to get me rolling. Here’s how it works. I sit down and think about the areas that are the most important to me at this period of time. They change with time! In my case now it would be: HEALTH, FAMILY, WRITING, SANITY (others might call it peace of mind), and ADAPTATION. To get yourself a mini plan all you’ve got to do is think of a mini task for each of these areas which you will have to perform every single day. NO EXCUSES. Your house burning would qualify for an emergency, not an excuse, by the way.

Here’s what I’ve got right now as my non-negotiables on the mini day plan that must find their way into my usual routines.

  • Exercise at least half an hour. If I can’t run for some reason, then dancing at home would also do.
  • Meditation in whatever form, at the very least ten minutes.
  • Taking my kid outdoors for minimum an hour. (Chilling in balcony does not count.)
  • Twenty minutes doing German tasks on the app.
  • And writing for one solid hour.

If you do the maths, you’d see that my mini day plan can be accomplished in about three hours and then, officially, I am off the hook. I can call it a day.

Mini plan gets busted

However, this mini scenario almost never works. WHAT?! That’s right! More often than not it expands into a full MAXI DAY. How come? I guess, this is kind of magic when you step in the zone of DON’T stop me now. See, when I DO wake up early and DO go out for a run, with an inspiring podcast on, and DO have a whole morning ritual with a contrasting shower and meditation before the kid is up, I start a day in a completely different zone. I feel energetic, creative, and wired to get get the best of those twelve hours ahead. Mini is no longer something I want to settle for.

When we get outdoors with my fellow, we usually stay much longer than an hour. My kid feels when mom is pumped up and we both have loads of fun exploring the world around. Once the little one goes for a nap, it’s my time with the muses. After such a lovely start of the day, my head is buzzing with ideas like a beehive, all I want to do is sit down and pour it all out. And again, it usually lasts way longer than the planned minimum. Upon the kiddo’s waking up, I put an honorary star on my shoulder GOOD WORK, babe and I am ready for a portion of fun. We play, dance, and even learn German together until dad gets home. Time for wining, dining, romancing or whatever other rewards we think of for the night.


When you compile thirty of those mini days, you get a MAXI month. Three hundred sixty five makes one MAXI year. Care for a MAXI life? All it takes is one good mini day at a time.


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