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The contention that the Unites States supports ISIL is not supported by the facts. Since September 2014 with its support for the Kurds under seige at Kobane the US has consistently and effectively backed efforts to crush ISIL. The Kurds have used this support to secure large areas in Syria and also in Iraq that were previously ISIL territory. In 2014 the Kurds were the only force prepared to stand and fight ISIL rather than turn and run. For that reason the US back them even though this support creates immense tensions in US/ Turkey relations. Why incur this tension if supporting ISIL is the real aim of the US? Why support the Kurds at all against ISIL if there is a secret US plan to sustain ISIL?

The Kurds have ejected ISIL from the key city of Manbij (to the outrage of Turkey) and are now slowly encircling and strangling Raqqa – the ISIL capital. The US has backed these Kurdish offensives every step of the way. In Iraq the US has again successfully supported the Iraqis in ejecting ISIL from northern Iraq including the Mosul operation currently underway. ISIL is running out of places to retreat to. Its access to revenue producing oil regions has been greatly diminished. It’s days are numbered. The American role in this has been crucial.

For America to be backing ISIL and at the same time to be crushing it is a nonsense!

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