On-Demand Delivery Down Under

Ever since the rise of Uber there has a been a surge of on-demand delivery services. Currently you can get massages, childcare, flowers and even your washing done. It’s predicted that there will eventually be a delivery system for every fathomable service. Food related services are undoubtably the most successful in regards to on-demand delivery. Things have gracefully advanced since the days of ordering an Uber to take you through the McDonalds drive-through. Uber Eats came around along with Foodora and Deliveroo. These are some of the most popular apps of this kind but fear not, if these guys don’t do what you need then some of the other ones mentioned in the article may. There is a plethora of options in regards to food delivery services. Many offering a choice of restaurants including cuisine specific meals and meals that cater to dietary restrictions. If eating out is not your style then you can get your groceries delivered to you; sometimes even with recipes and meal cards.

Every corner of the earth has their own delivery apps. In my warm corner called Australia we have a range of new, fresh and exciting apps to help aid you in your busy day. For so long, all that delivery offered was pizza. Now don’t get me wrong; pizza is great, but when it’s your only option it becomes boring. Luckily with the surge of on-demand delivery the options are endless. Here are some great Aussie grown companies that are sure to make life a little easier for you.


Menulog was born in a Sydney in 2006 and specialises in delivery from 8000+ local restaurants around Australia. It’s the most similar to services like Uber Eats, Foodora and Deliveroo but it has a larger delivery area and more restaurants to offer. If you don’t feel like cooking or leaving the house, they have got you sorted. They offer almost every cuisine straight to your door and they even have a pick-up option if you’re out and about and just want to swing by to grab your food when its ready.

Crowd Delivery

Crowd Delivery is a Queensland based service that offers a bit of everything. With this service you can order meals from local restaurants as well as groceries from a range of stores including Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, local fruit shops and butchers. They let you order from multiple stores at once and aim to deliver your whole order in 30 minutes. Every delivery “Hub” is locally owned and run; this means everything is specially catered to the community it serves. While they can only be found in Brisbane at the moment they are rapidly expanding and planning to be Australia wide in the near future.

Marley Spoon

Marley spoon delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to customers so they can cook their own healthy food. They have a weekly menu with a dozen meal choices including vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free choices. Along with diverse meals that cater to dietary requirements they also have kid friendly recipes and ones that take under 30 minutes to prepare. With a membership you get to pick how many meals you want in a week which makes it easier to plan your schedule.


Youfoodz is a diverse service that offers fresh meals that usually cost around $9.95. They do breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and even drinks. You can get one meal delivered or an entire weeks worth with one of their meal plans. Their goal is to save customers time to do more in life while giving them clean eating convenience food. If you’re not a fan of delivery or just a fan of grocery shopping, you can buy some of their meals and snacks at selected stores around the country.

What ever your appetite, one these guys can definitely provide the goods. So jump on the bandwagon and allow yourself to take part in a brand new customer experience.