Emergency Electrician Melbourne Advice: How To Prevent Electrical Accidents

If there’s one thing that Melbourne homes are afraid to experience, this is an electrical issue. Electrical issues bring the most serious risk in the house and one shock can even cause death. This is why in every Melbourne household; it is necessary to have precautionary measures and clear rules on electricity.

Today, I am privilege enough to share to you some point on how to prevent electrical accidents. An emergency electrician Melbourne that cares enough for the wellbeing of their neighbors and countrymen gives these points to me. Read on and take notes as this may be the most important thing you.

Tip #1: The enemy of electricity is water. A safe house is one in which water is separated from the electricity. You must have control over the plugs as well as your plumbing system. Electrical outlets should remain dry and clean.

Tip #2: Be especially careful when connecting or disconnecting an electrical appliance. For example if your hands are freshly washed, even if you have dried it, some water may still be left and you can receive a discharge. Also, the way you pull the plug can affect issues too. Unplugged it careful and not just like plucking it.

Tip #3: Never wash (or wipe with a dampen cloth) your appliances that are plugged. Unplugged the cable near the socket, not hales.

Tip #4: Do not use multiple attachments or adapters for large household appliances (oven, dishwasher, refrigerator), this should directly be plugged on main plug ins. Also avoid having electrical appliances fully glued in the wall.

Tip #5: Do not cook barefoot or allow children to come barefoot into the kitchen, as a direct contact with the ground provides electrical conduction.

What to do in case of emergency

In case of a power, direct or indirect discharge, it is best to call emergency electrician Melbourne. Always have on hand emergency numbers of your trusted electrician. Calling an expert will help you solve the problem in no time and with any other casualties. In the mean time, while you are waiting for them to arrive, put a cloth in your hands and cover yourself with insulator too, then switch off the your main electrical source.