Prefabricated Buildings Vs Traditional Homes — Which One is Better?

More often, people have misconceptions when it comes to prefabricated houses. Multiple opinions tend to take on the low-end, widely produced manufactured homes and impossibly expensive custom homes. In reality, prefabricated buildings are more common and accessible alternative to multitude arrays of budget levels. There are so many reasons behind choosing custom prefab houses over the homes building with traditional construction processes.

Here are a few reasons to consider prefab houses while thinking to build your dream home:

Quality Comparison -

In the recent years, manufacturing of prefab homes has improved significantly; which makes them able to compete toe-to-toe with the standard traditional homes. Sometimes, the quality of prefabs is actually better than their traditional counterparts. Though prefabricated homes are built in a factory setting on an assembly line that means the manufacturing process of each and every piece is under intense quality control.

On the other hand, traditional homes are built from scratch on the land where it will sit. It’s been observed that builders may not do an adequate job of keeping the lumber used in construction protected from elements. However, this kind of negligence can give rise to so many problems.

Construction Speed Comparison-

Prefabricated buildings can go up quickly, often faster than an ordinarily built home. For instance, the materials used for regular construction may be sourced from all over the country and every different supplier must get the materials to the builder on-time. There are many possibilities for things to go wrong just in the transportation process of materials. But a prefab is one of many other homes built by the manufacturer — that means the supplies are usually sufficient to get the job done on-time.

Besides, weather can be an issue with a traditionally built home. If it’s raining, snowing or dangerous outside — like thunderstorms, then builder needs to stop the work right away until the weather improves. Likewise, a prefab building is mostly constructed indoors where the weather is not an issue a manufacturer will need to deal with.

If you’ve any specific time limit to transition from your existing home to a new one, a prefab house can be something you should consider for the savings in time.

Cost Comparison -

Though the prefabricated houses are mainly built by the same manufacturer with least possible downtime, there are fewer costs associated with the construction process. However, the cost of prefabricated buildings can be up to 15% less than traditionally built homes and possibly more affordable, if you are building your home in a location that is far from major manufacturing units.

Flexibility Comparison-

Prefabricated construction can be disassembled easily and relocated smoothly to different sites. It significantly reduces the ultimate demand for raw materials and expended energy as well as overall time expense, unlike traditional homes. Apart from this, prefab homes allow for flexibility in the design of the structure ensuring limitless numbers of opportunities. Though prefab construction units can be utilized in different spaces, its neutral aesthetics is able to combine with almost every variety of building.

Energy- efficiency Comparison-

Prefabricated houses are well-recognized for their sustainability and energy efficiency features. When it comes to traditional construction, using of additional materials can often give rise to extra waste. Though prefabs are manufactured partly in a factory, any extra materials can be recycled in-house. It can be a big advantage of prefab houses over the traditional construction. Moreover, the factory-built homes are fabricated that makes them easier to make sure the construction is precise, joints are airtight and air filtration, as well as escape, is minimized. All these features of prefabs allow them to be more insulated than site built homes and consequently, more energy efficient.

Final Thought -

Thinking what to choose — prefabricated homes or site-built homes? If you’re knowledgeable enough, you know the answer. So, you should consider investing in prefabricated houses by Aussie Panel and get to enjoy all benefits for years to come!

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