JAMstack News — Issue #3

After a quiet week last week on the JAMstack front, things are heating up again and this week’s issue includes a couple of interesting new, cutting-edge, technologies from some well-known industry names.

Vuetify 2.3 Released

The latest version of Vuetify, a component framework for VueJs based on Google’s Material Design was released this week. the result of 6 months of development work, it adds a new virtual scroll component and brings enhancements to the calendar, snackbar and sheet components, together with new and improved directives.

Check out the release announcement.

Vite — a new web dev tool from Evan You

Evan You is the creator and driving force behind VueJs. Not content with that achievement, he’s just created Vite a new web development server and build tool. The big difference between this and other web development build tools is speed, especially from a cold start, which is important in the development cycle.

Vite serves ES Modules directly to the browser without a build step, compiling them on the fly where necessary. It only compiles the code requires for the current screen, which means that it’s lightning fast from a cold start, and hot module replacement is also super fast regardless of the size of the application.

It’s early days, but a super-interesting technology that could make web development much quick.

Check it out on Github or check out Evan’s interview on FullStack Radio where he talks about the background to the project, some of the technical challenges in building it and the road to 1.0.


Another famous name — Tom Preston-Warner, co-founder of GitHub — has also released a new web development tool. RedwoodJS which combines React, GraphQL, Prisma and AWS Lambda to create full-stack serverless apps. It’s an opinionated framework, but if you agree with its opinions it could be pretty compelling.

Prisma 2 Released

Talking of Prisma, version 2.0 was released this week. Prisma is a database access tool for Node.js and TypeScript applications — higher level abstraction than SQL queries but not as high-level, or as heavyweight, as a traditional ORM.

Check out the announcement for more information.

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