RSS is dying…and Medium is to blame

I loved RSS. As blogging took off, RSS solved the problem of having to visit dozens of websites to see if there were any new posts. One place to visit (in my case, Google Reader) and I got to see every new post across every blog I was interested in.

I was gutted when Google killed Reader. I couldn’t believe their argument taht usage had declined enough to make it not worth supporting, but Digg came to the rescue with their own Reader and life went on.

This week, I decided to have a clear out and unsubscribe from blogs that are no longer of interest. As I went through the feeds I noticed that quite a lot of the blogs I follow most avidly haven’t actually posted for quite a while - at least according to what was listed in Digg Reader. Yet I remember reading posts from them. What gives?

Turns out that, over the last 18 months or so, most of the blogs have moved to Medium or have started sending out email notifications when there’s a new post (or even switched to newsletter format).

Effectively, email notifications and my inbox, with a combination of Medium notifications and direct notifications, had replaced RSS and Digg Reader. I hadn’t even noticed.

Everything has changed, yet nothing has changed.

Not every blog I follow is on Medium or has switched to direct notifications or newsletter format yet, so I’ll continue using Digg Reader for a bit longer, but it’s definitely on life support now.

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