Top 7 Things to Do if You Failed at IELTS Reading

I s IELTS Reading a barrier in your way to study or settle abroad dreams?

Are you failing to achieve the required score even after trying hard?

What is it that you lack?

Well, there are no spells of magic that would help you crack your IELTS Reading Test until and unless you know the right way to tackle it. In fact, it all revolves around your good reading skills and presence of mind at the time of your exam.

How does Presence Of Mind impact your IELTS Reading Score?

At times your mind enters into panic mode due to pressure of exam while at other times it plays blind tricks as you are running out of time. In both of these situations you fail to understand the questions and end up answering them incorrectly because of which you lose marks.

The only solution to avoid such situations is to stay focused, calm and composed during your exam.

When it comes to having good reading skills, all you require is contemplated and meaningful practice in precise areas in IELTS Reading Section.

Here are some of the important and beneficiary recommendations that will help you master your reading skills to clear your IELTS Reading with higher band.

Expand the Horizons of Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a key factor that contributes in IELTS Reading score. Learning vocabulary does not just revolve around knowing the meaning of new words but is also concerned with when you can and can’t use those words. It is also about understanding what collocations can be used with which words. For example, which verb will perfectly match the noun used.

Put a habit of noting down new words and paraphrases that you come across while reading, grasp their meaning and try to use them in correct places while practicing.

Develop proper Understanding of Grammar

English language comprises of various grammar structures. Having an appropriate knowledge about them is helpful in achieving high score in English Language proficiency tests like IELTS.

Some of the questions asked in IELTS Reading section are complete the sentence or summary completion. These question types require that the sentence should sound grammatically correct when you put your answer in the blank. This is where grammar helps you spot the right answer.

Learn Skimming & Scanning

Skimming and Scanning are the essential strategies that help you raise your IELTS Reading Score. Skimming refers to quickly reading the given passage so that you get an overall idea of the topic. This helps you tackle the questions asked regarding the passage easily. Scanning refers to locating the keywords which in turn helps you get your answer quickly.

You need to develop both these skills while undergoing IELTS Reading exam preparation so that you can manage your time during the real exam and also score well.

Practice Speed Reading

One more way to tackle the reading section efficiently is practicing Speed Reading. This does not mean reading the complete passage so fast that you don’t understand its idea and have to read it again. The key of Speed Reading is grabbing the main idea behind the given text and its details. Besides, you should also remember as much as you can so that questions can be answered in less time.

Don’t Spend more time on Single Question

This perfectly implies for the IELTS Reading Section. You get only 60 minutes to answer 40 questions. So you cannot afford wasting time on single question.

What if you get stuck on a question because you are either unable to understand or have difficulty finding suitable answer? The key solution to this problem is move on to the next question. Come back to it if you are left with some amount of time after answering rest of the questions.

Grab Keywords

Each question asked contains a keyword that will help you trace the information provided in the passage and spot the right answer. You should learn to spot keywords and to use them in correct place. You must also know whether the words you use can be rephrased or not.

Some common keywords that you can grab while reading a passage includes dates, places, names, numbers and more. Other keywords are difficult to analyse. But, the skill of picking up the correct keywords can be developed by reviewing your own answers while practicing reading lessons.

Practice more and more

You can’t improve if you don’t practice.

Read stories for pleasure, informative articles, newspapers, journals or magazines on current affairs, and whatever other sources you get to read. The only thing that matters is read regularly. Mindful reading will help you develop an understanding of different texts, build your skills and also expand your vocabulary.

The only thing that this section demands the most is your concentration while reading the passage. You just have to stay focused while reading so that you can give right answers for the questions asked. Implement these strategies straight away while practicing reading lessons at IELTS Coaching Classes if you have already joined one. Or imply them while practicing at home to uplift your IELTS Reading Score to Band 7 or 8. Or you may even take part in discussions that take place on Aussizz Group Forum to know what techniques others use to crack their IELTS Reading Section.

Success Story:

Here is one of our clients who scored overall 7.5 IELTS Bands overall in 1st attempt.

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