BNI Syariah Supports the Halal Industry Focusing on Food and Fashion

BNI and BNI Syariah support the development of the halal industry. The Sekto that is their focus is food and fashion. This was done through participation in Halal Park organized by the BUMN Creative House at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), Jakarta.

Participants involved in Halal Park have a total of 37 participants. In addition to BNI and BNI Syariah, there are also six BUMN representatives present at this event, namely four BUMN Banks, Telkom and Pertamina.

BNI Syariah’s Managing Director, Abdullah Firman Wibowo said that in this Halal Park activity, banks encouraged MSME entrepreneurs to obtain halal certification, namely halal food and halal fashion.

One of the food products on display is Salaku which is a food and beverage MSME processed from Bekasi which is a 2018 Deureuham finalist. Another fostered partner participating in Halal Park is Cake Salakilo from Balikpapan who is one of the winners of Deureuham 2018. Both partners have get halal certification from MUI.

BNI Syariah has collaborated with the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) to encourage the growth of halal ecosystems. The collaboration between the two has been carried out since 2018 in the implementation of Hasanah Mulia Ekrafpreneur (Deureuham), which is a competition to encourage sharia-based creative economy entrepreneurs.

The halal industry according to the research of the Global Islamic Finance Report 2017 has great potential to develop. Especially in Indonesia, which is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. The global fashion and food halal industry has business potential of US $ 20 billion and US $ 170 billion, respectively.