Lies, Damn Lies and Census Figures (Redux)
Feyi Fawehinmi

The last time the population commission boss said this, he was quickly fired / forced to resign after the Governor of Kano State complained.

“No census has been credible in Nigeria since 1816. Even the one conducted in 2006 is not credible. I have the records and evidence produced by scholars and professors of repute; this is not my report. If the current laws are not amended, the planned 2016 census will not succeed,” Mr. Odimegwu was reported to have said.

According to him, “Nigeria has run on falsehood for too long. We must stop this falsehood and put a stop to all of this. Because the 2006 census was not correct, the former board of NPC was unable to publish the figures. If they try it, there will be uproar.”

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