My Story as a Homeless Developer
Jesse Horne

Hey Jesse,

I’m also formerly homeless, and now the cofounder of Lambda School (YC S17). We have a nonprofit fund designed specifically to help out homeless software engineers looking for a job.

I’d love to put you in a cheap airbnb or apartment, hook you up with Lambda School’s career services team who will help review your resume, get your github and portfolio in shape, practice interviewing, and help you land a job. We’ve already seen multiple success stories (for example David, who is now making almost $100k/yr),. Generous donors have allowed us to continue to grow the fund after Lambda School’s original $50,000 contribution.

I know how hard it is to focus when your focus is on survival, so hit me up and let’s help you focus and get to where you need to be.

PS if anyone on HN wants to donate to the fund it’s here — Generally we can help someone who knows how to write code go from homeless to hired with a couple thousand dollars all-in.