If we could all stop killing each other…

That would be great.

I don’t believe aliens exits. I am not dogmatic about this belief, as I have no proof for or against it, but at this point in time I feel as if we, humans, are alone in the universe.

Sometimes, I hope I am proven wrong. Sometimes, I wish to turn on CNN and see breaking news of some advanced civilization bearing down on our planet. Why do I wish this dreary future for humanity, you ask? Well, have you seen any alien invasion movies in the last two decades or so? Most all of them have one thing in common: a unified humanity.

Granted, these stories are obviously fiction, but the idea that humans would set aside their differences in order to fight a common foe is not so far-fetched. In any relationship, a common thread is the key to peace.

We kill each other over religion. We kill each other over politics. We kill each other over invisible lines on the ground. We kill each other over the color of our skin. Our governments spend billions of dollars learning how to kill each other better.

I long for the day when all of humanity will fully embrace our common thread of simply being human.

But…there is good news. It’s happening. The world is getting better.

At this point in history, there are less people dying from wars, murder, diseases, and accidents than ever before. Revolutions and movements from all around the world have put the idea of caring for humans among the forefront of global politics. 3 billion humans are connected through the internet, being able to video chat and share content, ideas, and moments with the tap of a finger.

The world is getting better. And the world is getting smaller. The phenomenon of racism simply caused by fear of the unknown may be completely unheard of in the next century. Our children are growing up in a time where they can get glimpses into the life and mind of another person on the other side of the planet through YouTube, Instagram, and other sites, like Medium. Now, more than ever, it is easier to realize that we are all not so different. Spend a few minutes on Humans of New York, and that fact will hit home for you.

The realization that we are all the same is the key to peace for this planet. And yes, the cliche-ness of that statement is glaring, but realizing this is still so hard, even in the western world, where I assume most of you reading this are from. Here in America, almost every political, social, or economic topic has clear cut sides, with no shortage of hate and general vitriol spewing from the mouths of each.

We need to remember that before we are democrats, republicans, christians, atheists, before we are socialists or capitalists, hipsters or hip-hop artists, the 1% or proletariat, we are human.

And maybe, hopefully, the sky will not need to be falling for humanity to finally have peace.

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