Hook ‘Em

One of the core tenets of the Young Adult Volunteer program is vocational discernment. We have weekly meetings focused on how we want to move forward in our lives after this year while still incorporating aspects of our year of service. More and more this year, I’ve felt called to go back to school. Being a psychology major at Sewanee, I have been interested in pursuing social work in order to pursue some form of counseling.

This article does a great job of connecting my passion for social justice and therapy. This week, I accepted my offer to attend The University of Texas School Of Social Work in the fall. I am thrilled for the opportunity to be back in school equipping myself to incorporate my year of service into my lifelong career.

One of the best tools we used to discern our next steps was simple. One evening, we took about 30 minutes to journal different ideas of where we could go. Afterwards, we each shared and bounced ideas off one another. It was through this process that I found clarity. I encourage you to dream alone. Journal, draw, write, or type your thoughts, then grab some close friends and talk about them. You can’t know what you want until you slow down, think about what’s on your heart, and verbalize it.

I am excited to continue living in Austin next year and feel so blessed that the relationships I’ve built here will only grow stronger in the future. I’m off to buy some Longhorn orange.