It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

The past month has been a time of planting seeds for me. As Parker Palmer alludes to in Let Your Life Speak, autumn appears as if it is only a time of nature beginning to die. We so easily forget that this is a season of seeding, as well. I’m not sure which seeds will grow in the coming seasons, but I have faith that in this season “tinged of melancholy,” new life is being planted where opportunities will arise.

After a quick trip to watch Brittany crush the NYC Marathon, I was rejuvenated by our friendship. It is so nice to process all of the new, exciting changes in life with an old friend who knows you so well. Spending time with her parents while she ran was refreshing, as well. Both Mark and Cindy have such wise and supportive presences. I was encouraged by their abundant love throughout the weekend.

Brittany ran for Fred’s Team, a fundraiser to support research on treating pediatric cancer. Donate here :
She finished! #3hours37minutes

Seeds are being planted at work, too. While Amy attended the conference for Habitat’s state support organizations last week, I was able to volunteer at Comal County’s Habitat site. I attended a grant writing workshop, worked in the ReStore, recruited interns at a local conference, and had a meeting with the Executive Director to better understand the affiliate perspective. I was so thankful to be working at the affiliate level in order to better understand how the state can support their work.

The week ended with a wonderful perspective student weekend at Austin Seminary. I was able to interact with other perspective seminarians, meet the faculty, and hear about more opportunities for engagement while attending the seminary. The event made me excited to apply and look at another class for next semester! The seminary seed is planted in my mind and now it’s just a question of when that will come to fruition.

Another seed this month has been the new, developing relationships in Austin. Olivia and I found our inner Longhorn spirit and yelled, “Hook ‘em!” at the UT game last weekend. Tomorrow will be the culmination of months of flag football practice. The Seminary of the Southwest and Austin Seminary will battle it out on the field. I can’t wait to participate as a wide receiver!

My prayer this week comes from a women’s Bible study that Martha Lynn shared with us:

There is a season for everything under the sun, a time to do and a time to be done, a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to begin and a time to end. Amen