People don’t quit jobs, they quit people

As I was walking out of work last night i had a few thoughts running through my head.

  1. Man I can’t wait to quit my job.
  2. When can i quit this job?
  3. Am i able to afford to leave this job sooner than later?
Thats when it hit me…

I have roughly 25 people that work under me. I truly enjoy being there, coaching, helping and working along side them everyday. I have other supervisors and mentors that help me get through issues, as i do the same for them everyday. I make good money for only being 22 years old at this job that has given me the ability to support my fiancé and two children everyday.

What I dream of quitting everyday is not this job, my employees, my coworkers or the above average salary and benifits for someone my age..

It is my manager…

So here is my two cents for anyone in a management posistion. Your job is not defined by your title. You are not there to simply manage the people and put your own selfish needs before your employee’s. Everyday you need to coach, train and help improve your employees to the best of your abilities. My greatest supervisor I’ve had to this day explained this to me one day and it will forever stick with me. As a manager you are not there to make these people do your work for you and chew their ass when they don’t, these people are your professionals and they should be treated as so. Could you do your employees jobs if they all were not there? I know i could not cover the work being done by 25 people a day. Treat your employees with respect and let them know how much you truly do appreciate the work they perform for you day in and day out. If you can do those few simple tasks for your employees i promise you can make a lifelong employee out of 75% of them.

Needless to say, show people compassion and that when they need a helping hand you will lend it. Just showing compassion and respect to your employees will make them work harder and more efficiently everytime. From first hand perspective, no one wants to go into a job 11 to 12 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week and be put down the entire time. Be the best mentor you can be for your employees and I guarentee they will never quit you.

Written by Austin Knapp

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