Reward your Customers in 2017: Loyalty Platforms for Booming Businesses

Already on the mobile payment system bandwagon? So are thousands of other businesses out there. What’s a business owner to do to get new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more? Well, there are plenty of loyalty and reward systems out there that can help you expand your customer database. By rewarding them for staying loyal to your business, you give them a good reason to come back to yours every single time.

But we are not talking about punch cards here, we’re talking about smart apps that deliver offers and deals straight to your customers, programs that collect customer data and can tell you what your customers ordered, tested and bought, as well as when they last came in or redeemed an offer.

BudgEat — Mobile Loyalty!

Like to frequent restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs? Why not get rewarded for your patronage? You can claim special offers, discounts and rewards if you frequent a place that uses BudgEat — Mobile Loyalty.

Mobile Loyalty — BudgEat

New users are treated to Welcome treats (worth hundreds!) that they can redeem with their smartphone. Users can scan a unique QR code at the shop counter after making their purchases. These in-store purchases with BudgEat give them points that will help them unlock more treats that they can redeem.

For businesses:

Business owners can try out BudgEat — Mobile Loyalty! at US$125 per year. In return they get reports, customer data and analytics, targeted campaigns straight to their customers’ phones, and email support.

In addition, BudgEat also provides extra services to spice up your Booming Restaurant, such as:

Budgeat — Native Ads
  • Native advertisement
BudgEat — Restaurant Marketing
  • In-house Digital menu display and
  • In-house marketing