Dear Heartbeat Readers,

It’s with great pleasure today that I’m reintroducing myself as the new (and old at the same time) Editor-in-Chief of Heartbeat!

If you don’t remember me, I promise I won’t take it personally…but I was one of the founding editors of Heartbeat when it launched back in…


  • Heartbeat—a community-led technical publication—is now part of the Comet community!
  • The legacy of Heartbeat will remain intact—we’ll still pay for contributor content, provide full editorial support, and help writers promote their work across social channels. And writers will continue to own the content they create. …

Among the new capabilities in Lens Studio 3.4, one that might have flown a bit under the radar—especially with the really impressive 3D Body Tracking, Full-Body Segmentation, and enhanced Finger Tracking taking a lot of the spotlight—is the new Asset Library.

Put simply, it’s a new collection of ready-to-use assets…

About Deep Learning Weekly

Since early 2019, the ML team at Fritz AI has been curating Deep Learning Weekly, a weekly link-based newsletter covering the latest and greatest from the deep learning world — industry news, groundbreaking research, tutorials, new datasets, mobile and edge ML content, and more. …

Among platforms and tools for digital creativity, Snapchat’s Lens Studio is among the best when it comes to packing each new release with powerful, game-changing features.

While I can almost guarantee that the Lens Studio team does some significant bug squashing and performance improving around the edges, they stand apart…

Follow along as we build a custom, ML-powered face mask color changing Snapchat Lens.

You’ll learn how to use Fritz AI Studio to:

🧑‍💻 Generate a new image dataset

😷 Train a Face Mask Segmentation model without code

✨ Implement in Lens Studio via a pre-configured project template.

For more…

We’re entering 2021 really enthusiastic about the possibilities of SnapML and custom machine learning in Lens Studio — but we also know many Lens Creators aren’t quite sure how or what they can create with it yet.

We’re working to radically simplify the ML side of this equation, but we…

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