yet another developer coordination and funding experiment


It’s a forkable quadratic funding and bounty system to incentivize pseudo-anonymous developers to coordinate around a set of temporary projects or tasks.

You can signal what we should be working on by putting 0.01 ETH on your favorite project in round 1 of


When I’m not building, I’m usually on Zoom sessions mentoring developers. (If you are a good developer looking to get into Ethereum, HMU!)

We work through the mental model and gotchas of building decentralized applications on Ethereum using a dev stack called 🏗 scaffold-eth. It’s a template for getting products built quickly with smart contracts.


a 🏗 scaffold-eth build for creating an NFT platform that scales

👀 TL;DR:

There is a long tail of users that are currently “priced out” of Ethereum because of gas costs. Small purchases of mainnet tokenized artwork aren’t economically viable right now.

We smashed together a bunch of magic like meta transactions, burner wallets, side chains, and bridges to create a web2 like experience that “upgrades” to the Ethereum mainnet.

You can try it out at 🎨 and you can fork the code here.


When @azacharyf and I set out to build

Publishing a 🏗 Scaffold-ETH build to IPFS + ENS

This is [ part 2 of 2 ] from “🚀 Connecting ETH to IPFS”:

Assuming you have a local development environment setup from part 1, we’ll take that build and deploy it to an Ethereum test net and IPFS…

📡 Smart Contract

The first thing we want to deploy will be the smart contract. We will use Rinkeby in this example but the steps to go to mainnet Ethereum are the same. We need to edit our packages/buidler/buidler.config.js and change the defaultNetwork to rinkeby:

☢️ Warning: You will need to get your own Infura url, this one won’t work.

Next, we need to…

a 🏗Scaffold-ETH tutorial and example dapp for HackFS

🤔 Introduction

If you are planning on building with Ethereum and IPFS for HackFS, this starter guide should help get you up and running fast!

Storage on Ethereum is expensive. You usually don’t put files directly on Ethereum. You store the file somewhere else and provide a reference to it in your smart contracts. However, your censorship resistance is only as strong as your weakest link!

IPFS is a protocol for storing and retrieving files to and from a distributed network. There is no central server that can be shutdown and anyone can store files and participate. …

Building a simplified decentralized exchange on Ethereum


This first killer app to be built on Ethereum was the token. A standard called ERC20 emerged and now anyone can deploy a token on Ethereum in seconds.

Often, a token needs to be exchanged for value or another token and traditionally this has been facilitated by insecure centralized entities.

In 2017, Vitalik Buterin proposed a method that would allow a smart contract to perform swaps between two assets using a liquidity ratio based on reserves. Eventually this became 🦄Uniswap and now anyone can use to swap tokens on Ethereum.

The Uniswap contracts have moved over $1.2 BILLION USD…

Building a signature based voting system for your holders!


“‘Talent Is Equally Distributed, But Opportunity Is Not’ — this is true. As a founder, most investors are in Silicon Valley. Some write checks to students. Shouldn’t we give every deserving person a chance? Wouldn’t you buy a stake in young Elon Musk? Whether Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) or ‘freelancer time’ to offer work, you can sell some of your future self.

Personal tokens let people fulfill their potential by getting financial and professional support. I believe it reflects Ethereum’s inclusiveness, as any person bringing value can rise up in our community. I felt supported myself, and creating my token…

a straightforward guide to building smart contract applications

🏃‍♀️ SpeedRun:

🤩 Introduction

My first “A ha!” moment with Ethereum was reading these 10 lines of code:

💡 This code keeps track of an owner when the contract is created and only lets the owner call withdraw() using a require() statement.

🤔 OH! This smart contract controls its own money. It has an address and a balance, it can send and receive funds, it can even interact with other smart contracts.

🤖 It’s an always-on, public *state machine* that you can program and anyone in the world can interact with it!

👩‍💻 Prerequisites

You will need NodeJS>=10, Yarn, and Git installed.

This tutorial will…

[first draft] of a hackathon toolkit focused on fast iterations

👩‍🚀📡 [ UPDATE — May 15, 2020 ]: For an easier, more up-to-date guide, check out:

👩‍🚀📡 [ UPDATE — May 1, 2020 ]: The best way to get started with this dapp development stack is to fork 🏗 scaffold-eth. It abstracts away a lot of the installation and setup that this guide covers.

🧪 This is an experiment to try to make a super approachable “Create Ethereum App” toolkit to spark more tinkering on new products from new developers!

☢️ [Warning]: This tutorial is hard mode. I’m publishing it just so I have it around and others can…

The first 🐶DAOG game template.

“The 🐶DAOG is an open-ended governance game where emojis are controlled by smart contracts. Players buy in, build, explore, vote, and politic their way to the victory condition to win the pot! It’s like fantasy football for crypto-nerds.”

This version of the 🐶DAOG is meant to be played over a few game sessions to build up knowledge and trust in both the mechanics and your opponents. It is part of the 🙂 Greenfield game contract and consists mostly of resource management. The entire series of 👸👸👸 should take less than 2 hours. 🕑

Session 1: (5 minutes) ⛺️🙂⛰

Click “Session 1" above to deploy the game. Then click join to buy in. Ready -> Start!

The first level is meant to…

DAO? + NFT! + DEFI? = WTF?!?

This is a walkthrough of the curriculum of my workshop for the Blockchain Training Conference 2019 (BTC2019). I have many similar tutorials like my Intro to Ethereum Development and BUIDLGUIDL 0x00, 0x01, and 0x02.

For this workshop we will be using Clevis & Dappartus my tools for rapid prototyping decentralized applications. We will also use ganache-cli to run a local EVM blockchain. Let’s get started.

Let’s install and fire up our local chain:

npm install -g ganache-cli; ganache-cli

Usually I start with some project idea or name. Judging by this summary of the ETHBerlin submissions, DAOs, DeFi, and NFTs…

Austin Thomas Griffith

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