🏃‍♀️Ethereum Dev Speed Run

🐥 Start by tinkering with Solidity…

Grab 🏗 Scaffold-ETH and learn how to iterate on YourContract.sol.

As you edit your smart contract, your frontend adapts to new functions and storage elements.

📚 Look through each concept from solidity-by-example (copy and paste into YourContract.sol and experiment!).

🗄 There are hundreds of example branches of 🏗 Scaffold-ETH:

🎟 Try out the simple-NFT-example branch (follow the readme!):

🎫 Try making a small change to the NFT contract, maybe add a price function?

🤓 Looking for a TypeScript version of 🏗 scaffold-eth? Check out https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth-typescript

🎖 Ready to test your basic Solidity skills?

🚩 Challenge 1: Decentralized Staking App: https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth-challenges/tree/challenge-1-decentralized-staking#-scaffold-eth---buidlguidl

🚩 Challenge 2: Token Vendor: https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth-challenges/tree/challenge-2-token-vendor#-scaffold-eth---buidlguidl

🏅 Extra credit if you build your token vendor to buy tokens back and experience the approve pattern for ERC20s.

⛑ Learning the syntax of Solidity is easy, but getting the mental model for building on web3 takes time.

😅 You will need to build a few things just to learn how the EVM works and all the “gotchas”.

⚖️ Build and understand a simple DEX: https://medium.com/@austin_48503/%EF%B8%8F-minimum-viable-exchange-d84f30bd0c90

🧙‍♂️ PRO TIP: fork the 🏗 scaffold-eth master branch and build a DEX using the article above as a guide.

😵 Randomness is really tricky on a public, deterministic blockchain. Dig in and understand why…

🐸 You can use an “oracle” to provide randomness and external data too: https://github.com/austintgriffith/scaffold-eth/tree/chainlink-tutorial-1

📂 Play around with the commit/reveal pattern: https://github.com/austintgriffith/scaffold-eth/tree/commit-reveal-with-frontend

🎲 Try out this dice game and then build a smart contract so you only pay for rolls that you will in: https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth/tree/dice-game

⚔️ Side Quest: deep dive bonding curves for ERC20s: https://github.com/austintgriffith/scaffold-eth/tree/bonding-curve

👉 Try out this <Swap/> tutorial where we build a Uniswap interface: https://azfuller20.medium.com/swap-with-uniswap-wip-f15923349b3d

💸 Lending is critical to DeFi. Tinker with the <Lend/> component: https://azfuller20.medium.com/lend-with-aave-v2-20bacceedade

🦍 Ape into learning! https://azfuller20.medium.com/aave-ape-with-%EF%B8%8F-scaffold-eth-c687874c079e

🔖 Learn about signed messages: https://github.com/austintgriffith/scaffold-eth/tree/signature-recover

🧑‍🏭 Learn how signed messages can be used off-chain as a “sign in with Ethereum”: https://github.com/austintgriffith/scaffold-eth/tree/sign-in-with-web3

📡 Use that same signed message on-chain with ecrecover() or OpenZeppelin’s ECDSA lib to recover a signed message in Solidity: https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts/blob/master/contracts/utils/cryptography/ECDSA.sol

👛 Learn about and build a multi-sig wallet that uses signatures: https://github.com/austintgriffith/scaffold-eth/tree/meta-multi-sig

⚔️ Side Quest: Extend it into a ⏳ streaming multi-sig: https://github.com/austintgriffith/scaffold-eth/tree/streaming-meta-multi-sig

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Extend the mult-sig branch and create a DAO where members “vote” on proposed transactions!

🦉 Try out the Gnosis Safe starter kit to build an experience around a Safe: https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth/tree/gnosis-safe-app-starter-kit

🔭 Study the hacks on solidity-by-example and try to reproduce them locally.

🧑‍🎤 Fork punkwallet.io from the source code here: https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth/tree/punk-wallet

🟢 Fork this SVG NFT and make your own… check out the SVG and JSON getting rendered by this smart contract: https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth/blob/loogies-svg-nft/packages/hardhat/contracts/YourCollectible.sol#L100

🔴 Check out this same SVG NFT but on Optimism L2: https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth/tree/optimistic-loogies-master

✍️ Fork signator.io from the source code here: https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth/tree/signatorio

🎨 Fork nifty.ink from the source code here: https://github.com/BuidlGuidl/nifty-ink

🦸 Jump in the Discord and Github of your favorites projects in the space!

🏄‍♂️ Build something cool and show it off on Twitter! (tag @austingriffith !)

🍴 Fork one of the branches and build something weird! 🍄

💪 Join the 🏰 Buidl Guidl and get ETH streamed to you for building!!!

🧑‍🚀 Interested in building coordination experiments? Join the 🚀 MoonshotCollective!

🙋‍♂️ Hit us up in chat if you have any questions: https://t.me/joinchat/KByvmRe5wkR-8F_zz6AjpA




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