Burner Wallet Roles & Redesign

Cypherpunk Speakeasy v0.0.4

Another successful user test in the books after a great night of learning and iterating in Laramie, Wyoming. The major feedback this week revolved around the scan button and it’s placement. In the long run, it all worked great and the process of purchasing beers with BURN tokens worked for everyone.

To explore the redesign of the wallet and new features it’s probably best to break it down by personas within the system:


An administrator is the host of an event or some other figure that presides over the gathering and smart contract functionality. They have a few extra buttons that allow them to add more admins and also control vendors.


A vendor is an individual or company selling items in a pop-up burner economy. The vendor has extra UI that allows them to add products and open their store. An important added feature is vendor off-ramping. Normal participates can only withdraw xDai that has been deposited into BURN. But, vendors can withdraw all of their BURN to xDai. This allows the admin to mint plenty of BURN but only pay the vendors for what they collected. The remaining tokens are simply a keepsake after the event is over.

A vendor can post their receive address QR code for general purchases or even setup custom “Request” QR codes:


A user participates in the burner economy as the purchaser of goods from the vendors. They are guests at the event and usually crypto-curious, but often new to the space and unfamiliar with blockchain nomenclature.

Typically, a user is supplied with a paper wallet or solidcoin containing a private key. This account is preloaded with xDai to use as gas and a standard amount of BURN tokens to spend.

Once the user scans in the paper wallet they will have $10.00 to spend:

Users can buy goods by scanning QR codes of vendors for specific items or navigating the UI of vendors:

We give participants enough tokens to buy one beer with some smaller value remaining. This leftover amount is on purpose and is meant to stimulate peer-to-peer transactions to get enough together between a couple people to buy another beer. It lets participates get a feel for how easy it is to send value around:

Users can also send ETH to their burner and then use the exchange to move their value north into xDai and BURN:

Try it out

The best way to try it out is go to xdai.io or burnerwallet.io and if you jump to the advanced section you can put in a seed phrase and send a tiny amount of ETH to it. Then you can use the exchange to move it into xDai. Good luck!


Generally the wallet is working smoothly and we are hoping to slow down development soon so we can make sure we are stable for ETHDenver. If you have any questions or concerns, hit me up on telegram/twitter @austingriffith.

Of course, PRs and Issues are always welcome over on the code repository too: https://github.com/austintgriffith/burner-wallet

Join us for the next Cypherpunk Speakeasy this Wednesday in Timnath, CO!