Play pogs on the blockchain!

Exactly two weeks ago at this time my team at ETHDenver was presenting our silly Ethereum pogs game to the likes of zooko and other top minds in the cryptocurrency space. We had a prototype and a couple incomplete smart contracts, but we were well received.

CryptoKitties also gave us second place for our extension of the ERC-721 token standard:

Today, after so many sleepless nights I can’t even count them, I just deployed Cryptogs to the Mainnet! (It’s cheaper to play over on Ropsten!)

To play, you purchase a pack of ten Cryptogs and create a game with five:

Other players from around the decentralized world can join your game with their own stack of five. To begin the game, the slammer must be flipped to determine who will throw first:

We use a two transaction commit/reveal scheme: spinning the slammer for the commit and stopping the slammer for the reveal.

Players take turns raising and throwing the slammer, generating on-chain random that dictates which Cryptogs flip and can be collected by the thrower.

It’s just dripping with 90’s nostalgia. ‘Member slammers? I ‘member.

The game is finished when all the Cryptogs are flipped. Jump on and play a game with us at You can also check out our smart contracts at: All of our code is open-source at

I can’t wait to #BUIDL at ETHDenver next year!