Cypherpunk Speakeasy v0.0.3

The largest 🔥Burner Wallet gathering so far…

Austin Thomas Griffith
Jan 23 · 3 min read

Last week was our third iteration of the Burner Wallet meetups. The feedback was resoundingly positive and the Burner is becoming more and more polished. Our main takeaway is the POS integration; we bring a pop-up POS system with us BUT the bar has to keep their system in sync with ours using an “oracle” (a human that enters the order in the second system after seeing it in the first). 😅

If you are unfamiliar with this browser wallet study we are conducting, check out previous versions and other stuff.

The Burner really shines in popup economies where a vendor and can quickly create a wallet by visiting from a tablet or phone. Then customers can a buy and sell peer-to-peer with their own version of the Burner Wallet on their device or paper wallet…

This version of the Speakeasy used paper wallets again because they are the easiest form of onboarding we can come up with. The private key is in the inside fold and the account contains BURN tokens and xDai for gas. A quick scan of the private key with a cell phone camera and boom, you have funds:

This week we also tested out printing a paper menu with specific vendor options presented as QR codes. This meant the vendor could see the exact beers ordered right in the transaction history:

Participates could order from the product QR codes, a generic QR code, or from within the UI itself:

The template for these files is here if you’d like to print your own:

Probably the coolest new feature was the transaction graph created by Brian Ethier at

A big thanks out to MakerDAO for sponsoring the event and helping us get valuable feedback on the Burner and xDai.

We’re getting to a point where the best single piece of feedback is we need a max button in the exchange section to make transfers easier. Another valuable behaviour we noticed is the send button is too far away from the thumb. A redesign is coming… 🧐Also, checkout all of Dan Shields’ photos here.

Thanks for joining us on this journey… If you are in Laramie, Wyoming tomorrow Jan 24th, join us a Coal Creek Tap!

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