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Incentivize an army of workers with bounties on!

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Since EthDenver and the launch of we’ve needed original artwork for togs (blockchain pogs). You can play the game just like we did back in the day with our rad slammers, but at the heart of the project is the collectable artwork. I’ve hounded all of my designer friends, reached out to countless artists on /r/art, shamelessly plugged on Peepeth, but after all that, only a few packs have made it all the way through to the minting process.

Thanks to Kevin Owocki at and Mark Beylin at the Bounties Network, I am familiar with bounties and I know they are going to be huge for open source projects.

I assumed bounties were basically just for coders. Then, randomly perusing through Twitter last night, I found this old tweet from Steven McKie:

First of all, you should get on Peepeth if you aren’t already, but What’s that? …Ten minutes later I had posted my first bounty:

The next morning I was floored by the response. As I scrolled through submission after submission from the army of “Centians”, I was hooked.

You can see all the submissions (or submit your own!) here, but just look at how neat some of these are:

That’s a baaaaad kiiiiitty!
Seriously?! A Lenny and Carl yin yang!?! Is there anything *more* 90’s? So rad.
Make Bounties Great Again?

I hope artists contributing to Cryptogs continue to be incentivized on and I’m really excited to see what will come from bounties in general. If you have an open source project, throw some Eth out there and see what happens!

If you would like to upload your artwork to Cryptogs, you can drag and drop it here. If you have a project that needs help, be sure to post a bounty!

We live in an amazing time of collaboration. Big thanks to Max Brody!