The Burner Wallet Challenge

Cypherpunk Speakeasy v0.0.5

Austin Thomas Griffith
Feb 1 · 2 min read
(jk jk this isn’t a challenge! don’t be chugging beers, it’s irresponsible and I look like jack wagon. However, the 🔥wallet is no joke!)

This week’s Speakeasy was relatively small and I brought in a bunch of my local developer buddies to work through some of the final rough edges of the Burner before it goes live at ETHDenver.

Participants scan in a private key from a paper wallet that is loaded up with tokens. Then, they can buy beers at the bar with their tokens. Vendors can then offramp the tokens they earned to DAI.

My short list from this week includes a lot of weird little edge cases that I’ll be patching up soon. An example is just small quality of life things like making sure the form keeps your data for a little bit even if you navigate away. The main takeaway is the same as the last few events; it works.

Another good piece of feedback I got was if a participant seeds a wallet by scanning a private key, then they try to scan that exact same private key again, it will take them to the withdraw page. An account withdrawing from itself is just going to burn gas and be a bad experience. There is a reason for this withdraw page though. If a participant doesn’t have a phone or wants to just use paper wallets, that works too:

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