👸👸👸 Three Queens

The first 🐶DAOG game template.

Austin Thomas Griffith
7 min readSep 3, 2019


“The 🐶DAOG is an open-ended governance game where emojis are controlled by smart contracts. Players buy in, build, explore, vote, and politic their way to the victory condition to win the pot! It’s like fantasy football for crypto-nerds.”

This version of the 🐶DAOG is meant to be played over a few game sessions to build up knowledge and trust in both the mechanics and your opponents. It is part of the 🙂 Greenfield game contract and consists mostly of resource management. The entire series of 👸👸👸 should take less than 2 hours. 🕑

Session 1: (5 minutes) ⛺️🙂⛰

Click “Session 1" above to deploy the game. Then click join to buy in. Ready -> Start!

The first level is meant to introduce players to the initial mechanics of the game. The buy-in is a just $0.50 and the goal is to collect 20 🙂. You do this by building ⛺️ that generate 🙂.

You will start out owning a single center tile (notice your “blockie” in the top right). Click this tile and build your first tent:

Clicking the tent icon at the top will give you more details about the smart contract rules. We can see here that the tent will produce 3🙂 every 6 blocks mined:

When 🙂 is ready to be collected you will see a 🙂 icon in the bottom left of the tile:

Click the tent to collect (or just click the 🙂 to quick-collect):

Use your 🙂 to explore and claim new territory. When you explore there is a commit/reveal ceremony and you can randomly find different discoverable items. For instance, in this world there is a 15% chance you will find ⛰. If you don’t discover anything, you will have a blank green tile to build on with a 🔨:

Then, build more ⛺️ to generate more 🙂. The first person to get 20 🙂 wins the pot. The full session should take about 5 minutes and at the end, players should be familiar with basic concepts of the 🐶DAOG.

Full template: CLICK HERE TO PLAY LEVEL 1!

Session 2: (15 minutes) 🏠😁🏭🛠🐐🧀🐓🥚

The second level introduces an upgrade from ⛺️ to 🏠. This will allow you to generate happy population: 😁. To build a 🏠 you will need to collect 🛠️ (production) from you discover, plus 🧀 from 🐐 and 🥚 from 🐓. If you are unable to discover any you can spend 🙂 to build a 🏭 to produce 🛠️.

Keep in mind that both 🐐 and 🐓 must be raised on a tile next to a ⛺️. This means you will need to plan the layout of your map accordingly.

The first player to collect 20 😁 will win the pot.

Full template: CLICK HERE TO PLAY LEVEL 2!

Session 3: (25 minutes) 🏛🧐🌳🍑🥩

This level is about managing your clicks and raising an educated population 🧐. The 🏛 building will slowly generate 🧐 but you will need a grip of different resources to build it. A new 🌳 discoverable that generates 🍑 will add more randomness and exploration to the game too.

You will also need to collect 🥩 from your 🐐. To do this, you have to avoid collecting 🧀 long enough to let your 🐐 produce 🥩.

Full template: CLICK HERE TO PLAY LEVEL 3!

Session 4: (45 minutes) 🏰👸🌱🌾🍺🐄🏡

This ruleset will really test the limits of the 🐶DAOG. The goal is to collect 3👸 which are generated in a 🏰 . A new “growable” primitive is also introduced: a 🌱 will grow into a 🌾 which will generate 🍺 or can be replaced with a 🐄 (this represents growing crops to feed your livestock). HINT: You generally will grow 🌾 on your outer tiles because there are no proximity restrictions.

There is also a new 🏡 mechanic which will produce 😁 faster but it must be built near 🌳.

Full template: CLICK HERE TO PLAY LEVEL 4!

Session 5: (unknown) 💎

Now you have an understanding of all of the base mechanics for Three Queens. This is just the beginning of the 🐶DAOG. Now it’s time to bring in the 👹Moloch and play for higher stakes with a DAO voting in new rules. In this final level, the victory condition is to collect 10 💎 but it is unclear from the start how this will work…

The thin layer of on-chain governance will be key. You will have to politic your way to victory by voting in the right set of rules. Perhaps you have discovered more ⛰ tiles and you put in a proposal that 🌋 can be built on top of ⛰ and it produces 💎?

You are allowed to put any number of new rules into a proposal and even replace existing emoji rules with new ones. You may also need to sweeten the deal by putting some extra cash in the pot to get your proposal to pass:

Your proposal will be presented to all players and they can spend some 🙂 (the utility emoji) to vote for or against it.

If your proposal passes it will be added to the game for everyone to use.

Good luck and thanks for playing!!! 🎉

Full template: CLICK HERE TO PLAY LEVEL 5!


  • make contract loading more efficient and in parallel
  • ✅ fix discover bug when influence increases
  • fix grow to bug where initial growable needs an extra click
  • ✅ give better prompts and make initial join & build clearer
  • ✅ make the global view look better by wrapping around hexes so it doesn’t look like a rhombus
  • ✅ technically the collect can happen a block earlier so the UI should reflect that
  • think more about all the clicking, it seems like a player is constantly busy clicking. You want to give them time to explore the game and UI.
  • transaction/loader screen is weird with timeouts, should be queue
  • better error messages: “out of gas” is ugly, “not enough 🙂” is confusing
  • create a “factory” primitive with inputs and outputs. 👸👸👸 needs 🛠🏭
  • rules should be cleaner and easier to read, @avsa has some good insight:
  • 🚀 Space game has a broken ⚡️utility emoji?
  • 👸👸👸 has some boring parts at start and finish
  • 👸👸👸 would be better with different land tiles generating/building different types of tiles/resources (it should be fun to see what land you discover and that should shift your strategy)
  • ✅ There should be an instant onboarding method where you scan and you are in a game
  • ✅ Visual feedback about the block time, a metronome showing each block progress
  • Perhaps we should implement sub-emojis or custom graphic set options
  • Perhaps rules voted in should have a lock period? As we get into the game theory we might find that whatever rules is allowing the winner to win will be voted out by the majority
  • Get “Rage Quit” working so if a contract is jammed up everyone can exit and no funds are lost… some kind of mass exit assurance contract?
  • Maybe proposals should have an optional blocks before they go into effect and/or an arbitrary amount of time that they can’t be altered
  • We really need a market primitive where either people could build markets for others or there is some global ability for trade and the prices can be manipulated
  • More game primitives: moveable, factory, war, collision oracles
  • Improve identity (history) contract and the UI around it. Players, rules, and sessions should be able to build up a reputation
  • The end game recap screen should show more details, probably goes along with how history and identity will evolve
  • Games should also be public and private and you spend a little to add it to the public record
  • Perhaps there is an NFT that represents the game template string and you earn it when you play/win a session?
  • Play on every device you can get and clean it up, I still want to zoom 😟
  • Eventually open-source and get a soft audit
  • Move token to an exchangeable version with xDai 🤑