What Millennials Want

When it comes to social issues and consumerism, one of the most influential groups in the nation are millennials. They represent a large demographic that has a lot of pull because they are very invested and vocal about products. This is why I believe millennials have different storytelling expectations than previous generations. In a day where technology is as relevant as it is, many themes of advertisements can become repetitive and cause you to become desensitized to it. This is because you are not only seeing the ad on television, but now are subject to it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as a plethora of other medias.

When it comes to myself, I find that storytelling that appeals to my emotions is the most effective. One ad that specifically that comes to mind is the Johnnie Walker ad, “Dear Brother.” This specific ad does an excellent job connecting with the audience at hand. It doesn’t follow the usual formula of alcohol advertisement where it promotes binge drinking and hanging out with women. Instead, it shows a family bond between brothers travelling through the land that they grew up in and only briefly showing Johnnie Walker as something the brothers could bond through. It provides a sense of nostalgia. Many people who are old enough to drink, are old enough to think about all the great times of their childhood they had when exploring with friends or siblings.

Although I might appreciate different stories because of my personality, there is a part of me that thinks my generation enjoy most of the same ads because of our demographic. As mentioned earlier, I think one defining characteristic that companies should utilize for not only my generation but for others as well, is nostalgia. News and current events can tend to be negative so having a bit of nostalgic positivity associated with a product or service can go a long way.

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