Lean & Human: Creating Community Value from Commercial Waste

One of a few articles I wrote for someone else

Creating digital solutions to human problems doesn’t always go as planned; failure is an expected risk. In accordance with our HuDiLeDa values, we strive to fail fast. But sometimes we fail to fail fast enough and get all the way to creating marketing materials for a product when we should have been pulling the plug on it. The result is waste. We are left with artifacts of a product that we no longer support.

In the interest of maintaining an organized work environment, reducing waste, and finding ways to create value from our refuse, our Office Coordinator, Ashley Hietpas, decided to repurpose some promotional T-shirts by donating them to Rethreaded, a very human community organization.

Turning Textiles into Hope

Rethreaded is a Jacksonville startup and nonprofit company whose mission is to create social entrepreneurship that breaks the cycle of the sex trade by providing creative work and a viable trade for those affected by the sex industry (prostitution, drug addiction and human trafficking).

Rethreaded employs women escaping the sex trade to transform donated textiles into stylish fashion accessories and clothing. They also import and sell products made by women around the world that have freed themselves from the world of sex work.

Ignite donated 50 pounds of shirts to be upcycled by Rethreaded and volunteered at their Jacksonville facility. It only took about two minutes to sign up online and we were able to help out for a few hours.

Big Ups to Ashley for identifying an opportunity to turn the relics of a failed product into something of real value to people in our community.

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